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ZeonEarth 2023 Full Edition

ZeonEarth 2023 Basic Edition

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Our ZeonEarth 6.0 2023 Edition-3D Earthworks

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Many people who designing an earthworks design spent substaintial time on detail design on earthworks
The earthworks design is a process, it will not ended just by one earthwork design. You have to go through many processes of earthworks before it being finalized by client.

In general it has two processes of earthworks. First in preliminary earthworks design, then only comes with final detail earthworks design. The final earthworks design comprises of 20% on overall earthworks design process. You will spend most 80% time on the preliminary earthworks design.

This is why in general, the earthworks designers are busy all the time.

When you ready your earthworks cut and fill volume, this will be our ZeonEarth Basic edition which will full fill your basic needs.

ZeonEarth is an earthworks software which built to fit this purpose. It can help you to save substaintial of time in the process of earthworks design. It can compute basic cut and fill volume in 3D model.

ZeonEarth 2023 Signature feature-Furniture

Now the new ZeonEarth signature feature-Furniture. 3D elements beyond earthworks

It is a list of pre-defined templates which can help you to enhance your 3D model output with 3D elements like house, terrace, shop, power station, guard house, barrier gate, streetlighting, ramp, solar power panel, container, pump house, water tank, elevated water tank, and many more.
There are ++40 templates to be used immediately.
What you need to do is to have additional drafting work to add them into CAD drawing. Then perform run as normal in our ZeonEarth. No additional work is required during import up to 3D model.

Ready your earthworks design by TOMORROW.

Have you ever find that you are spending substaintial of time on the process of designing earthworks?
Imagine that if you have a chance to expidite this earthworks design process? Do you want to do so?


ZeonEarth 6.0 -Full 3D earthworks software with signature feature of furniture.

ZeonEarth 6.0 will maintain the similar as in ZeonEarth 5.0. Only a drawback will be it needs more time to compute additional features like furniture. The improve ZeonEarth assistance xSection will have enhancement of profiling

Our ZeonEarth 3.5 had gain great respond on our ZeonEarth. We have more 150 users within a period of 3 months in the period of Covid-19.

Simplicity and Confidence

Now, Auto Slope Generation is available

Our main features make you worth for your investment
Our new 3D Earthworks Software ZeonEarth which has our own invented 3D Zeon engine. Now, it is comes with 3D earthworks computation.
The main special about our product compare to other earthworks software is the simplicity of product where user can has a count earthworks computation by as short as 5minutes.
The short learning curve on earthworks software also make user can be getting started by as short as half an hour.
Furthermore, our data fully in CAD format i.e. dwg drawing. It will further cut down double work on data re-entries.
Now our earthworks sofware ZeonEarth comes with three(3) methods of earthworks computation. i.e. 3D computation, grid method and cross section method. It gives user more choice on decision of the earthworks result.
Our coming boundary slopes give you further on automation on slope generation.
The earthworks output can be presented in 2D layout and 3D layout.
For grading and excavation contractors who need cut and fill volume quantity information.
It is well suit to general property development.
Such as road works, roadways, runways, borrow pits, trench excavations, parking lots, retaining walls, marinas, land developments, etc.
Profiling or generate cross sections as needed in earthworks design.

Our main express steps:
Import and run

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Jan 1, 2023

ZeonEarth 6.0 Full/SE edition.

Dec 15, 2022

ZeonEarth 6.0 Basic edition.

Oct 25, 2021

ZeonEarth 5.0 Release edition.

June 21, 2020

Our track record. >150 users in period of 3 months

June 11, 2020

Our 1st Webinar A software can make you go HOME early

May 6, 2020

ZeonAI beta edition release. Next level of Zeon-Artificial Intelligence.

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Jan 22, 2020

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Oct 11, 2019

Our 1st ZeonEarth Crash Course 4/11/19 at Subang Jaya

Oct 1, 2019

We will be there 2019 SWaM National Conference on Stormwater Management

Aug 20, 2019

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Aug 1, 2019

Released Essential of Earthworks Book

July 3, 2019

Pre-order Essential of Earthworks Book

Jan 17, 2019

CPESC calculator design module for CPESC exam in Malaysia just for RM900.00

Jan 16, 2019

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Case study on 3 methods of earthworks

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Preveiw- our new Essential Earthworks book in 2019

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Case Study 2 Integration Zeon Earth with Structural Software.

Nov 23, 2017

Case Study 1 Zeon Earth.

Aug 17, 2017

Zeon Earth 2nd edition preview. 3D Slope and wall system.

Feb 06, 2017

Zeon Earth offical earthworks software website setup www.earthworkssoftware.info with initial contents
We planned to make this website becomes a full resource with earthworks contents. For example tips and tricks.

June 25, 2017

myESCP beta edition release.

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