Case Study of ZeonEarth

Earthworks Solutions:

Case Study of ZEON EARTH

Zeon Earth

CAD Data

Project size CAD Entities EL Data PL Data Platform Triangles
700 acres 63,000 +20,000 +320 180 52,000

Hardware information

CPU Memory OS Time CAD Time Run
i7-6500U CPU2.5GHz 16GB Win10 Pro 64bits 1 hours 17.6mins
i7-6700U CPU3.4GHz 16GB Win10 Home 64bits 1 hours 9.9mins
i7-3612QM CPU2.1GHz 8GB Win8 Home 64bits 1 hours 15.2mins

As part of our product service, we are keep on improve our products to meet our own standard. This is one of test case on a real project which comprised of 700 acres site.
Here we provide a clue that, user can get a run of earthworks can be as short as 1hour 10mins to compute an earthworks of 700 acres.

*1 hour 10mins from data preparation up to complete an Earthworks Computation*

Below are the data being created by ZeonEarth which is important elements for ESCP works. Cut and fill layout, slope classification and flow map.

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Who's it for?

Zeon Earth can be used to calculate earthworks computation for civil consultant, contractor, quantity surveyors and more. User friendly for user to use and operate with attractive user interface. Zeon Earth will work with you to save your time and money.