Case Study 2 of ZeonEarth

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Case Study 2 of ZEON EARTH integration with other softwares

Zeon Earth

Software information

Software Application Data
ZeonEarth Earthworks 3D terrain
Prota Structural Design and Analysis 3D Building
BricsCAD BIM CAD Integration into dwg 3D model

As part of our product service, we are keep on improve our products to meet our own standard. This is one of test case on a test project which the aim is to provide 3D visualization of infra with structural model.

Upon completion of each model in infra and structural model. i.e. the ZeonEarth on 3D terrain, Prota design with output on 3D building with foundation. The client or engineer himself is interested to know more information about building.

Where currently structural model will run on it own software and infra model will be on it own software. In the market, there are limited applications that can do ALL IN ONE.

Most of time, structural engineer only do touching model once the project is started on construction. But now with the help of our ZeonEarth 3D model and BricsCAD BIM. We are able to integrate the structural and infra model together. Where user can make better decision making during modelling process. Especially in boundary constraint. Such as any foundation expose from ground. It will help client on troubleshooting problem before construction. The virtual view of combination on building with terrain makes tremendously help.

Intergration of 3D Model of Civil and structural model by drafting skill

The combination of model can be done just by using drafting skill with the help of BricsCAD BIM.

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Zeon Earth can be used to calculate earthworks computation for civil consultant, contractor, quantity surveyors and more. User friendly for user to use and operate with attractive user interface. Zeon Earth will work with you to save your time and money.