Zeon Earth

Earthworks Software Editions 3.5:

It comes with two editions which are Limited edition and Full edition.

Limited edition with ONLY 3D computation without limited. It will ilmited by your computer hardware. Where Limted Edition ONLY for USD200.00
Full edition with all features available in Limited with unique and EXTRA features
Please contact us for detail on Full edition. Contact us

Simplicity- 7 Clikcs

Our simplicity of ZeonEarth can get you DONE the cut and fill just by minimum of 7 clicks of mouse. Sound interesting!



Zeon Earth is the new invention on 3D surface engine for delivering precise earthwork estimation in volume cut fill. It allows us to easily calculate cut fill, generate section, and generate 3D surface in a richly interactive fully solid 3D environment.
It can gives user an immediate output for cut and fill in a moment. Also 3D slope generation gives an immediate boundary condition that whether it can fullfil the criteria of slope application.

Who's it for?

Zeon Earth can be used to calculate earthworks computation for civil engineer consultant, contractor, quantity surveyors, property developer, GIS and more. User friendly for user to use and operate with attractive user interface. Zeon Earth will work with you to save your time and money.
Draftperson can be used to opearte the ZeonEarth.


Unique Features:

  • ["Ready design by next day"]
    The simplicity can make you ready earthworks design by next day.
  • ["By mouse clicks"]
    Our ZeonEarth can complete earthworks design can be as simple as mouse clicks.
  • ["Can model any shape"]
    Our ZeonEarth can model any given project into 3D model.Find out more here
  • [Documents]
    A software is not a complete software without documents. Now we come with a number of documents which supporting our ZeonEarth like Tips and Tricks. Now we have Essential of Earthworks, our Tips and Tricks and Tutorials will lead you toward a comprehensive earthworks design.
  • ["Layman" Operator]
    Our ZeonEarth can be operated by "layman". For instance, many engineering software needs to have highly technical sound personal to operate where our software can operate by draftperson. As long as draftperson can understand some basic knowledge of earthworks. For example, what is existing levels and proposed levels. It can cut down cost on manpower.
  • [Short learning curve]
    Short learning curve is one of our key feature. It can cut down problem of software operator being “hijacked” by other company. It can take as short as 1/2hours to get started. As compare to many software, they need few days of training. Any person can easily being replaced.
  • [Time saving in data preparation]
    Besides, our software is fully operated in CAD dwg. In conventional way, initial earthworks drawing is coming from land surveyor. Land surveyor captures levels from sites and presented in CAD drawing. Norm, by dwg format. From the dwg drawing, user will enter more data such as final levels or proposed levels. Here, with existing and final levels, quantity takeoff can be performed. Our software is fully CAD compatible. ZeonEarth can read directly from CAD dwg without major touching up the dwg drawing but with certain guidelines need to be followed. In a way, it reduces double works in data preparation. In ZeonEarth does not need re-entry data. Therefore, time saving happened. One time works in CAD drawing can be used in our software.
  • [Confidence-Three method of takeoff quantities]
    One of our unique feature is our ZeonEarth comes with three method of takeoff. 3D method, grid method and cross section method. Most of software come with one methodology of takeoff. Our ZeonEarth can be used to make comparison of takeoff by difference methods. Here, engineering judgement can be performed. It reduces worry on accuracy of result.
  • [Simplicity in operation of software]
    Another goody of our ZeonEarth, user can get it run can be up to as short as 5 minutes operation to get a count. i.e. one earthworks computation. It no need to go through many steps in order to get it run. Thus, user can perform more test on earthworks computation.
  • [Output in CAD dwg drawing]
    Our output mainly produces in CAD. Therefore, it is easily to be handled without need any other software to open it. It can be opened in AutoCAD, BricsCAD, ZWCAD, GStart and other CAD compatible software.
  • [3D output]
    Our Zeon technology can produce a nice 3D earthworks output where it is very useful to present to clients.
  • [Fast]
    The speed of data preparation in CAD drawing which has cut down tremendously on double entry in conventional software. Where 1st in CAD and 2nd in software. ZeonEarth no 2nd entry in software, it can run directly for CAD drawings(T&C). Please refer to our case study on 700 acres design.
  • [Integration with structure software]
    The 3D model can be used to do checking on constraint of structure model.
  • [Documents]
    A software is not a complete software without documents. Now we come with a number of documents which supporting our ZeonEarth like Tips and Tricks. Now we have Essential of Earthworks, our Tips and Tricks and Tutorials will lead you toward a comprehensive earthworks design.
  • [Tested for many projects]
    Our Zeon technology has been tested on many projects which show on the correctness and stability.
  • [Auto profiling for terrain]
    Our automation of profiling makes you save time on thinking of location of profile required. It just plot for you to select it.

General Features:

  • Auto boundary slope generation(Preview) can be done without any setting in software
  • Read text entities by layers with filter system from land surveyor data in dwg format.
  • Set earthworks boundaries
  • 3D or digital terrain method, grid methodology and cross section method(end ares method and prismoidal formula) on earthworks takeoff
  • Define platforms
  • Generate contour lines
  • Generate 3D base surface example existing levels
  • Generate 3D compare surface example proposed levels
  • Generate combinated 3D of base and compare surfaces
  • Compute cut and fill layout by area
  • Compute cut and fill volume
  • Create high quality profile(cross section) in any direction on layout. To be exported to xSection and HEC-RAS. Where it can be edited in xSection.
  • Profile can be export into HEC-RAS software on cross section data
  • Quantity take off and breakdown calculation in digital terrain or grid method
  • Our own EXCEL looks alike feature for output reporting system. Reporting file is EXCEL format.
  • Video in Youtube

  • Online help file

Extra Features(ONLY for Full Edition):

Besides our mainly features, we do have additional or extra features that can help user to do a better earthwork.

  • [Auto Slope Generation]
    An earthworks software cannot comes without Slope Generation. Here our new Slope generation will come along with Zeon Earth 3.5
  • [Slope classification]
    By given slope criteria, our ZeonEarth can work out slope angle to horizontal by demarking into CAD layout with colors. It can be used to identify location of high risk and low risk slope.
  • [Auto Balance Cut and Fill]
    It will be good if a site can achieve a balance between cut and fill. With this feature, our ZeonEarth can try to work out the best of auto balance between cut and fill volume. Anyway, it may not get a good earthworks design. In order to get a good earthworks design, certain earthworks criteria need to fulfil.
  • [Preliminary proposed levels]
    Our ZeonEarth can proposed initial levels for user to start up the earthworks. It uses the existing terrain to capture corresponding existing levels to points of consideration. It makes user easy to startup without spend a substantial of time on studying the existing levels.
  • [3D/2D Flow Map]
    Our flow map on existing levels give user a clue on during raining time, how the surface water will run. It provides important information especially on ESCP study. Erosion and sediment control plan. As for example, location of sediment basin. The basin can be easily located by studying the flow map. Even the temporary earth drain can be located by the flow path in flow map. Now with pre and post flow map.
  • [3D Pond]
    Now it comes with 3D pond with a polyine drawn in CAD with a base level of pond
  • [3D ESCP]
    Now it comes with 3D ESCP to be viewed in 3D model with certain ESCP criteria is met.

18 numbers of Tips and Tricks of Earthworks Software :

With our 18 numbers of tips and tricks, it will make you more easy to understand on operating our ZeonEarth.

  • Performance issuee
  • How to make better earthworks design
  • Preview integration with other software on full infrastructure view
  • Import from contour line
  • Import funny number
  • Computation on Progress Earthworks
  • Comparison between 3D method, grid method and cross section method
  • Add additional data to cross section plot from. ZeonEarth Full edition
  • Auto merge Proposed level with Existing level. ZeonEarth Full edition
  • Slope on platform. ZeonEarth Full edition
  • Slope on proposed levels. ZeonEarth Full edition
  • Flow map generation. ZeonEarth Full edition
  • 3D ESCP BMPs generation. ZeonEarth Full edition
  • Quick preliminary of Earthworks Design.
  • Instant Existing Terrain Model from EL.
  • Unsmooth and shaking image in 3D view
  • Additional Slope Generation 3 case studies Full edition
  • Express Mode Earth Analysis-Existing Terrain Model, Flow map, Slope Classification generation Full edition

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...Case Study 2

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System Requirements:

The performance of Earthworks Software ZeonEarth is mainly depended on hardware requirements.

As for example data with more than 10,000 points will need high performance system to run.

Anyway, basic requirements are listed below

  • Recommended min CPU iCore5.
  • Min 8GB ram.
  • Min 2GB Graphical Card for CAD performance.
  • OS Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10


The following software need to pre-install prior to installation of our ZeonEarth

  • .Net Framework 4.52
  • Microsoft Visual C++2012 re-distribution

Limited and Full Edition:

All editions comes with

  • Free upgrade for 1 year
  • Free update for 1 year
  • Free email or remote support for 1 year
  • Software activation

...Tips and Tricks

...Road Map

Contents are subjected to change without prior notice.