Earthworks Software Editions: ZEON EARTH

Zeon Earth


Zeon Earth is a 3D earthworks software with new invention on 3D surface engine for delivering precise earthwork estimation in volume cut fill. It allows us to easily calculate cut fill, generate profiles, and generate 3D surface. A richly interactive fully solid 3D environment. The new ZeonEarth 5.0 will be an earth software instead of earthworks software. It has moved beyond earthworks design. Now, it is a software for engineers.

ZeonEarth 5.0. What's new?

The new 5.0 will come with major improvement on top of 3.5/4.0. Where in general, it produces the need for engineers involved in civil engineering project designs. Or what we called Infrastructure design or Infra design.

Who's it for?

Zeon Earth can be used to calculate earthworks computation for civil engineering consultants, contractors, quantity surveyors, property developers, environmental engineers, GIS, educators and students. The main simplicity of ZeonEarth makes you can ready a design by TOMORROW. Full 3D model makes your life to re-solve engineering problems easily. An unversal data input in CAD has shortern your learning curve in ZeonEarth. Zeon Earth will worth you to save your time and money.

  • Simplicity- Can be operated by draft person
  • Full 3D model- A full 3D model tells your thousand of information.
  • Free time-Free up engineer time on operating software. Can be managed by draft person.
  • Confident-3 method of volume computations are available. 3D volume, grid systema and cross section method.
  • Short learning curve-Fully Can start operate as short as 1/2hour learning
  • Software by engineers for engineers-Information given is sufficient for engineers to do engineering tasks.

Terms and conditions applied

Erosion & Sediment Control (ESCP) Software: ZeonEarth SE, myESCP and EroProgram


Why we need ESCP?

Erosion and sediment is one of importan issue in our country. For year to year, it is getting worsen on our environmental. Governmental has imposed many ruling on implementation of development from varies sectors. Such as Environmental Impact Accessment-EIA for development larger than certain project area.
Somehow, the effectiveness of end result it solely depend on our effort. The application of Erosion and sediment control is sub-divided into two categories. First is the environmental issue and secondly is construction issue. Currently the software here mainly targeted for property development.

What is ZeonEarth SE?

ZeonEarth SE is a special edition to serve the need of ESCP task. It has feature of RULSE and MUSLE computation in map which according to our Malaysia Stormwater Management Guideline 2nd Edition 2011 and Guideline for Erosion and Sediment Control in Malaysia 2010.

What is myESCP?

myESCP is the new invention to delivering the need of Best Management Practice -BMP in managing erosion and sediment control plan design. which according to our Malaysia Stormwater Management Guideline 2nd Edition 2011 and Guideline for Erosion and Sediment Control in Malaysia 2010. It includes four sections. Erosion control, Runoff Management, Sediment Control and Operation.

What is EroProgram?

It is a work program software for design to plan the ESCP construciton progress.

Who's it for?

It is suitable for civil and structural consulting engineers and environmental engineers where they need to do the ESCP. It is part of requirements in the Land-Disturbing Pollution Prevention and Mitigation Measures-LDP2M2 User friendly for user to use and operate with attractive user interface. myESCP will work with you to save your time and money.