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A software cannot comes without technical write up. This is our 1st earthworks books in 1st Aug 2019

This is will be our first printed earthworks book, Released in 1st Aug 2019.
The book will focus on the daily practice in consulting engineering. All the information is based on Malaysia environment.
The special about this book is it comprises of feedback from our clients, writer experience on his talks, writer own design experience during writer working in consulting firm, feedback from attentees in past events.

This has spent more than 10 years collection of data, it has been updated through our many years in digital copy. Now it will be our first printed edition in year 2019. Stay tune...
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Who's it for?

This earthworks book is for any engineer or designer who need to enhance his own knowledge on earthworks design. It provides a good startup for user who want to know more on earthworks before user go into apply it in software

Why write this earthworks book?

When we started our software development business in engineering in early days, first steps on the developement is we were looking for some engineering books in this field. Somehow, during that time on internet just introduced into the world, there were limited resources online. The only place we can went to were the bookshops to find the resources. We found out that even in bookshops, the resources also limited. Even up to today, this kind of books are limited in the world. Therefore, we had put up our mind on technical conntents. Due to certain reasons, the technical contents write up had been delayed until this year 2018, this ideal was back. As a result, this year 2019, we are puting up our efford to finish this book. Now the book is ready. Only we are on going final check and review before offical release.


Earthworks Books contents

Main highlights:

as a token of appreciation, a complimentary ZeonEarth limited edition which worth RM5K will come along with our book.

  • Theories on earthworks by grid, cross section and 3D method!
  • What is earthworks?
  • Why need earthworks?
  • The selection of wall and slope in earthworks.
  • Procedure of earthworks design
  • Concept of Proposed levels design
  • Common problem encountered in earthworks
  • Tips and tricks on earthworks
  • What the meaning of good earthworks design?
  • Example of good and bad earthworks!
  • Case studies
  • Erosion and sediment control with earthworks
  • Computer software

Estimated price of book USD50.00 international edition. Malaysia edition initial estimated retail price RM210.00. Official release in 1st Aug 2019.

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The final of contents of book is subjected to change without prior notice.

Please contact us for detail on this earthworks book edition. Contact us

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