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Beyond Earthworks-Earth Software Editions 5.0:

It comes with two editions which are full edition and special edition (SE).

Full edition is without erosion and sediment control modules Please contact us for detail on Full edition. Contact us

Beyond Earthworks-Earth Software Editions 6.0:

Read more ZeonEarth 6.0 here

Basic ZeonEarth 5.0 earthworks features will maintain as part of ZeonEarth 6.0 full/SE version 6.0

Simplicity makes a difference

Our simplicity of ZeonEarth can make you get job DONE just by few mouse clicks.

ZEON EARTH 5.0 Preview

What is ZEON EARTH 5.0?

The new ZeonEarth 5.0 has a major invention on top of edition 3.5/4.0. It has moved from current earthworks software to earth software.

Now it has more automation where you task to after ZeonEarth is ready your first model. Many features are DONE without your interruption. The ZeonEarth will generate necessary informaiton that your need in your engineering design.

A software can make you go HOME early!

This is what we aim for.

Who's it for?

Zeon Earth can be used to calculate basic earthworks volume for civil engineer consultant, contractor, quantity surveyors, property developer, GIS and more.

General Features:

The new edition comes with more features such as basic cut and fill volume, slope classificaiton for pre and post development, landuse for pre and post development, water flow map for pre and post development. 3D model with EL and PL information. auto road path and gradient. Auto slope generation at green area of boundary. time of concentration for pre and post development (SE only). Soil losses and sediment yield for pre, during and post development (SE only). Pile penetration length from SI data( SE only).


Unique Features:

  • ["More FUN"]
    Now it is more FUN in operating ZeonEarth 5.0.
  • ["Simplicity"]
    One of the main features about the ZeonEarth is the simplicity. For a given project with proposed level and land surveying CAD drawing, you can deliver a design to your client by TOMORROW.
  • ["One run multiple ouptut"]
    One computation will generate numerious output data.
  • ["Ready design by next day"]
    The simplicity can make you ready an earthworks design by next day with a full 3D model
  • ["Cost saving"]
    With the “layman” operator, the cost of operating software can be lower down. It can be operated by none engineer.
  • ["By mouse clicks"]
    The express mode can obtain a design just by few mouse clicks
  • ["Can model any shape"]
    ZeonEarth can model any given project into a 3D model
  • ["Free up engineer's time"]
    The task of operating software can be replaced by draft person, where it has saved up engineer’s time. Engineer has more time to do on important job like engineering judgement, attending meeting, site inspection, liaise with local authorities. Engineer just to instruct what to do to draft person. The draft person will perform the task for engineer. The engineer just need to evaluate the output of ZeonEarth.
  • ["Layman" Operator]
    Our ZeonEarth can be operated by "layman". For instance, many engineering software needs to have highly technical sound personal to operate where our software can operate by draftperson. As long as draftperson can understand some basic knowledge of earthworks. For example, what is existing levels and proposed levels. It can cut down cost on manpower.
  • [3D output]
    Full 3D model with automation. Output can be in 3D CAD drawing or 3D Pdf.
  • ["Confidence with 3 method of takeoff quatities"]
    gives you no worry about the result because it has integrated with 3 method of volume computation where you can make your own judgement about the volume by different method. It has 3D volume by default, then conventional grid method and finally a cross section method.
  • [Time saving in data preparation]
    The two in one task in CAD drawing has saved you by omitting double entry in your job. One in CAD drawing (drafting) and second in software data entry. With ZeonEarth, all just in one mode. CAD drawing. The moment CAD drawing ready, ZeonEarth data is ready. No more another entry in ZeonEarth. It has cut down the data entry time in ZeonEarth. Therefore, overall process is faster. Tentatively it needs 3 main commands in CAD drawing. Add Text, Add Polyline (3dPoly) and create layer.
  • [Short learning curve]
    Time spent in learning ZeonEarth has been cut down one level of minimum data entry in ZeonEarth. More to learn is on extracting output from ZeonEarth. Thus, it will be simple It can cut down problem of software operator being “hijacked” by other company. It can take as short as 1/2hours to get started. As compared to many software, they need few days of training. Any person can easily be replaced.
  • ["Tested for varieties job"]
    The ZeonEarth has been tuned to fit the need of property project where it is customized to suit the civil engineering job. Prior to launching, we have tested more than 40 projects.
  • ["Express 3D Existing Terrain"]
    Output mainly produces in CAD. Therefore, it is easily to be handled without need any other software to open it. It can be opened in AutoCAD, BricsCAD, ZWCAD, GStar and other CAD compatible software.
  • ["Integration with other structural software"]
    The 3D output model can be easily integrated with other third-party software like Tekla, Orion to check constraint of structural model. Such as the depth of foundation of pad footing in sloping terrain.
  • [Multiple results]
    In ZeonEarth, you can obtain cut and fill volume. 3D model, Land usages, water flow path, slope classification. All these information does not require any further input.
  • [Enriched reports]
    A software is not a complete software without documents. Now we come with enrich of output Word documents
  • [Lazy mode of profiling]
    ZeonEarth can produce a series of profiles by our lazy mode.

General Features:

  • CAD interface support AutocAD format 2018 edition dwg file.
  • Auto boundary slope generation at green area can be done without any setting in software
  • Read text entities by layers with filter system from land surveyor data in dwg format.
  • Set earthworks boundaries
  • 3D or digital terrain method, grid methodology and cross section method(end ares method and prismoidal formula) on earthworks takeoff
  • Define platforms
  • Generate contour lines
  • Generate 3D base surface example existing levels
  • Generate 3D compare surface example proposed levels
  • Generate combinated 3D of base and compare surfaces
  • Compute cut and fill layout by area
  • Compute cut and fill volume
  • Create high quality profile(cross section) in any direction on layout. To be exported to xSection. Where it can be further customized in xSection.
  • Quantity take off and breakdown calculation in digital terrain or grid method
  • Our own Word looks alike feature for output reporting system. Reporting file is Word format.
  • New elements for earth. Green area, detenion and other
  • Slope classificaiton
  • Water flow path for pre and post development
  • Landuse for pre and post development
  • Auto road path with gradient
  • Refinement of triangles
  • PDF output in 2D and 3D layout
  • Auto preliminary proposed levels
  • Height elevation color map
  • Cut and fill color map
  • Level limits in 2D and 3D
  • 3D water level
  • 3D fencing
  • 3D billboard
  • 3D building line
  • Built in help file
  • Several earth's elements. Such as green area(kawasan lapang), other, detention
  • Point cloud for SE edition
  • Time of concentration,tc for pre and post development - SE edition
  • Flow discharge, Q for pre and post development - SE edition
  • Soil losses for pre, during and post development - SE edition
  • Sediment yield for pre, during and post development - SE edition
  • Pile penetration length from Soil investigation data - SE edition

System Requirements:

The performance of Earthworks Software ZeonEarth is mainly depended on hardware requirements.

As for example data with more than 10,000 points will need high performance system to run.

Anyway, basic requirements are listed below

  • Recommended min CPU iCore5.
  • Min 8GB ram.
  • Min 2GB Graphical Card for CAD performance.
  • OS Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 x64bit


The following software need to pre-install prior to installation of our ZeonEarth

  • .Net Framework 4.8
  • Microsoft Visual C++2015 re-distribution

All Edition:

All editions comes with

  • Free upgrade for 1 year
  • Free update for 1 year
  • Free email or remote support for 1 year
  • Software activation

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