Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control(CPESC) Calculator

This product has been discontinued.

With the need of CPESC requirement in Malaysia since 2017. They are many engineers in country starting participate in the CPESC EXAM. Somehow, currently the program of exam is organized in the mode of 2 days of review on CPESC, and thirdy day of CPESC EXAM. As we understanding, coming April 2019 there will be have one CPESC exam.
Our own accessment that it is not sufficient by just go for two days review of CPESC and third day CPESC exam.
Do you think that it is enough learning by 2 days course for a internatinal certification? Furthermore, the Professional Interview also request minimum of 3 years experience for sit the interview.

As a result, our ESAM software is a tool to help people who want to prepare the exam where they can learn it prior to the 2 days review course by self learning. What it did is-it covers some of the topic of calculation of the CPESC requirements. It is useful for those engineers who are busy all the time.


ESAM-Erosion Sediment Application Modules:

What is ESAM?

ESAM is a tool that provide the mathematical tool to help people on a fast understanding by the interactive mode. It covers mainly some of the computation part of CPESC requirements.

It covers the soil stabilization mathematical part like fertilizer, pure live seed, costing. These section of fertilizer where it is not cover in our Urban Stormwater Management Manual for Malaysia 2nd Edition Chapter 12 Erosion and Sediment Control or the Guideline for Erosion and Sediment Control in Malaysia.

It shown the result by user enter data and can get the result. In a way, user can easy know how is works

It is simple and easy to use

Who's it for?

It is suitable for civil and structural consulting engineers, local authorities, local councils, researchers, lecturers, water resource designers, DOE and DID, where they need to do sit for the CPESC exam. User friendly for user to use and operate with attractive user interface. EXAM will work with you to help your time and money on CPESC exam instead of just learn during the 2 days review course prior to exam.


  • CPESC design modules in application. It is to help those who want to sit for CPESC exam.
  • Fertilizer calculator.
  • Fertilizer cost calculator.
  • Pure live seed calculator.
  • Fertilizer spreader application calculator
  • USA RUSLE calculator
  • USA MUSLE calculator
  • Runoff Curve Number calculator


  • Learn mathematical part of CPESC exam by software
  • Content follow CPESC reference as in Malaysia
  • Can use for design and checking on related content.
  • Works on US unit-imperial unit

Targeted audiances who wanted to sit for CPESC exam in Malaysia

  • Consulting engineers.
  • Authorities.
  • Local councils.
  • Researcher on ESCP topic.
  • Education. Lecturers and students in universities
  • Water resource designers.
  • DOE and DID

System Requirements

The performance of myESCP Software is mainly depended on hardware requirements.

Anyway, basic requirements are listed below

  • Recommended min CPU iCore5.
  • Min 2GB ram.
  • Min 1GB Graphical Card for CAD performance.
  • OS Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10


The following software need to pre-install prior to installation of our ZeonEarth

  • .Net Framework 4.52
  • Microsoft Visual C++2012 re-distribution

Standard Edition just for RM900.00

The edition comes with

  • Free upgrade for 1 year
  • Free update for 1 year
  • Free email or remote support for 1 year
  • Software activation protection
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