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Earthworks Tips and Tricks

[Preliminary proposed levels]
These are one of tedious works where user needs to proposed initial proposed levels. Traditionally, user needs to scan through the whole land surveyor layout. User must use his best 3D imagination to see how the 3D site looks alike. Where are the high and low ground? How to design a new earthwork. Which location needs to flatten? Which location needs to stagger? Where to place wall? One of the best option to get started is used back current existing levels as a startup point. Then goes through earthworks computation and adjust these levels accordingly to the result.

[Get started with road levels]
It is recommended that to use the road levels as a startup. Proposed level for platforms only come after the road levels. Road levels give a crucial decision on earthworks design.

[Minimize use of retaining wall]
Especially usage of RC retaining wall. Use slope instead of retaining wall because building retaining wall is costly (Figure 11.1). If need to build retaining wall, try to use low retaining wall such as 1.2m height. When there is a need of building height retaining wall say 3.6m height, try to distribute it along the project site to say 3 number of 1.2m retaining wall instead of 1 number of 3.6m (Figure 11.1). House owner will not prefer his house has a high retaining wall either at front, back or sides.


[Disable people]
Design of earthworks must consider of disable people. Where allow certain access area for those people in design.